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What is the LAW in the state of Arizona regarding embalmingCan you choose to not have a loved one embalmed, and still have an open casket? Please awnser by email quickly. We have to make a decision asap, funeral is friday.
The LAW does not "require" embalming for an open casket viewing or service. The body must, however, be refrigerated after 24 hours from the time of death if it is not embalmed. Many funeral homes do not permit open casket viewings or services if remains are not embalmed. This is not a frivolous or unreasonable position since it is very difficult to create an acceptable presentation of an unembalmed remains. The public attending "expects" to find remains embalmed when they attend such a service and it is difficult to control odor and keep features set in unembalmed bodies for very long. As a practical matter, embalming solves many problems and we would recommend it if you plan on an open casket funeral, especially if it will be in a church or anywhere other than the funeral home. Refrigeration only retards decomposition by reducing the action of bacteria, embalming creates a chemical reaction to stop the breakdown of cells. Embalming is required if the remains are to be shipped out of state and the disposition can not be completed within 24 hours. Orthodox Judaism and Muslim faiths generally prohibit embalming BUT require burial before sundown. Hope this helps.



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