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cna you send me all the information that you possible can on mortuary science. i plan to become a mortician and i am also doing a term paper on embalming. thank you for your time. -R.H.-
Mortuary science programs are available throughout the country. Many of these programs are operated by accredited community colleges who are also accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education. Other programs are operated by private colleges (single purpose programs) The community college may teach many of the subjects in other departments of the college, say Pathology and Anatomy in the Nursing program and Business Law in another. The private colleges teach everything under their roof tailored to funeral service. I serve on the Board of Trustees of San Francisco College of Mortuary Science and highly recommend that program. This could be irrelevant if you live in Florida. Check the link for Abbott and Hast on our website which has a section on mortuary science education or contact me with your location for further assistance. Good Luck!



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