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Hi Guys -- I'm curious: In the standard curriculum at mortuary school, how (if at all) is the topic of necrophelia covered? Is it part of an ethics or legal course, and is there a body of sociological work that even exists that would-be morticians are exposed to? Thanks for your consideration and for an intriguing and generous site. Best, Rick Koster
Necrophilia is normally a subject addressed in specific courses of study involving abnormal psychology. According to our psychology instructor at the college where I teach, it is an infrequent aberration (and a very serious one) which has been relatively unknown among death care workers. If you look around the site you get a view of how funeral service works in the real world. There is nothing sexually attractive about a dead body to a normal person. The same instructor indicated that it would be very hard for a staff member at a mortuary to conceal such an interest for long.

I have taught ethics at San Francisco College of Mortuary Science and recall the subject coming up one year as a potential topic, but it did not receive any level of interest so it wasn't discussed.

I couldn't tell if your question on sociology was directed at the specific interest of your question or a general question about sociology. If it was general, then, yes, the curriculum guide of the American Board of Funeral Service Education specifies a sociology course as one of the requirements for graduation from mortuary college.



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