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During the embalming process is the fluid in stomach area drained? I ask this question because of a wrongful death of my father. He died within 24 hours of having a surgery. His cause of death was reoccurring hemorrhaging. This is information will help bring closure to me. They said since no blood was in his mid-section that he started hemorrhaging all at once and it wasn't a continous bleeding that led up to it.
The contents of the stomach are generally not affected by arterial embalming. Stomach contents are usually removed during aspiration of the cavities. Many jurisdictions classify deaths within 24,48 or 72 hours a coroner's case. Others classify such deaths coroner's cases IF the patient did not regain consciousness after the surgery. If there was an autopsy it would normally be done prior to embalming, so the facts being relayed sound accurate, but I do not have anywhere near enough information to give you a more complete answer. Hope this helps.



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