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First off, I want to commend you for your candor and honesty about the funeral business. It's nice to see someone willing to answer questions about a subject that most people consider taboo. I have long had an interest in funeral service. I am considering a career in the profession, but I have quite a few questions. Here is the first of several: 1) How much time does your job consume and is it possible to have a normal life with hobbies, time off and full nights of sleep? Might I have time to explore other interests, such as acting? - I appreciate your taking the time to answer our questions. One more question: Do you want my other questions in one lump sum or 1 by 1? I'm either going to be a funeral director/embalmer or a film-maker/actor and want to make as informed decision as possible. It's a tough decision indeed, considering I have a great interest in both. Thanks again.
First, I would really like to take your questions one by one because I can really address the specific issue you raise at that time.

Now, the tough one: Can you have a normal life? Well it depends on the size funeral home you work at and if they have a removal service to make calls at the odd hours they occur. The biggest problem in NOT the amount of time off, but the unpredictability of life in funeral service. We don't control when the phone rings and it would be tough to delay response until the end of Act III. So, we're back to where you want to work.

Just as a footnote, the original name for the producer of plays in early England was - undertaker!



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