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Can a normal layperson purchase an embalming machine or any of the utensils used in the field? I have a friend who wants to construct a haunted house in Virginia Beach that runs all year round. He is willing to spend money on the actual products, such as an embalming machine, table, etc... He thought you might know because I wasnt sure if you could buy them with out a license. Thank you.
First, I do not know of any law which prohibits someone who is not a licensed funeral director from purchasing an embalming table or machine. Other "utensils" are actually surgical instruments and anyone can buy those. The other part of your question is more perplexing. Unless your friend is planning a "haunted funeral home" these items wouldn't make much sense since the average abandoned, haunted house would not contain such items. There's probably a local supplier available in your friend's area.



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